"Comic fun as the pair joined with Deborah Jean Templin for "Falling Out of Love Can Be Fun." Templin, a crowd favorite as the brassy concierge, belted out "Let Me Sing and I'm Happy"      Irving Berlin's WHITE CHRISTMAS - The Portland Press - Steve Feeney

"Deborah Jean Templin doubles as both the moving Bird Woman and the horrible Miss Andrew, the Monster Nanny."  MARY POPPINS-  The Philadelphia Enquirer - Toby Zinman

"The talented cast is huge – I stopped counting at 25 – but still, Deborah Jean Templin plays four roles, including the nastiest of nannies, Miss Andrew. But the role I'll remember her in is the poor Bird Woman who sells bags of feed in the park – her rendition of the musical entreaty "Feed the Birds" is a beauty." MARY POPPINS Shapiro on Theater A blog by Howard Shapiro

Then comes Templin’s Miss Andrew, and from the most unexpected place, there’s a power surge. Templin’s launches into Miss Andrew’s featured number, “Brimstone and Treacle,” and the Walnut stage comes to roaring life. MARY POPPINS Phindie by Neal Zoran

"The show was buoyed by an outstanding supportive cast. Deborah Jean Templin was intimidating as the indomitable Miss Andrew, Mr. Banks’ old nanny, nick named “The Holy Terror.” She was also compelling as the destitute yet giving Bird Lady." MARY POPPINS Delcoewsnetwork by Christina Perryman 

"Deborah Jean Templin, playing the CFO, brought an authoritative sound with a certain Eve Arden humor to her part that I found charming. " THE PIRATES OF FINANCE - ON LINE REVIEW  BY KATHLEEN CAMPION

“In Transylvania, Frederick is greeted by a Germanic hag, Frau Blucher (Deborah Jean Templin, a born comic actor) housekeeper of the ancestral castle. Among the songs, Frau Blucher’s groaning rendition of “He Vas My Boyfriend” is a standout.”

The production is unfussy and intelligent and centers around a performance of luminous understanding from Deborah Jean Templin.         PLAYING FOR TIME - The Times, London, UK

"Deborah Jean Templin is outstanding in the role played in the television version by Vanessa Redgrave."                                               PLAYING FOR TIME - The Daily Mail, London, UK

"Florence Foster Jenkins, in a memsmerizing portrayal by Deborah Jean Templin, sure to be on every critic's year-end 'best actor' list."                     SOUVENIR - The Independent, Hudson, NY

"Dolly, the delightful Deborah Jean Templin, is never happier than when multitasking. She handles minor impediments like a buzz-saw through whipped cream. Templin more than holds her own in the role - a remarkable achievement."     HELLO, DOLLY! -  Philadelphia Weekly, PA

"Deborah Jean Templin brings the role of Miss Hannigan to life with a taste of evil mixed with a generous portion of humor that leaves you waiting for her reactions around every bend of her frustratd lot in life." ANNIE  - Pati's Place, Philadelphia, PA 

"Templin's world-weary but resolute 'Aggie's Song' brought the first big ovation of the evening."

                             JOHNNY JOHNSON - The Kurt Weill Newsletter, New York, NY

"Deborah Jean Templin strikes an exact chord of concern and exasperation..hers is a highly effective performance."   

  I'M NOT RAPPAPORT - The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, CA

"The accolades must go to Deborah Jean Templin who, though playing two roles in the first half, kept the secret well hidden from those who had yet to check their program." CLOUD NINE - Long Beach News, Long Beach, CA

"Splendid..Ms. Templin brings understated humor and cool intelligence to the role."         ANNIE-National Tour - The Louisville Times, Louisville, KY

"SYLVIA PLATH is performed with a shared conviction and spirit...One of the three Sylvias, Deborah Jean Templin, is wonderful." 

  The Royal Shakespeare Company program SYLVIA PLATH - The Boston Globe, Boston, MA

"Amazing Performances. Genuine feeling...packing an emotional wallop. Realism at its best." COLLECTED STORIES - Portland Press Herald

"Marvelous as a humorously delirious Miss Hannigan.  She gives a broad and very effective performance, wringing every ounce of comedy out of this charcter role - a tipsy dame with a likeable sneer."  ANNIE - Walnut Street Theatre- South Philly Review

"Templin whose delighfully Edna Mae Oliver reading of the role was refreshing and perfectly in keeping with the spirit of her song.  A Handbag is Not a Proper Mother.ERNEST IN LOVE - EDGE Entertaniment